Patricia Johnston

Joshua Gui Malaysian Cast of Dreamgirls


Testimonial From Joshua

'Despite coming in to my first lesson with wrong techniques, habits and horrendous diction (it is a malaysian diction thing! haha), Patricia was - and will always be - very patient. It was tough, but she helped me unlearn those bad habits slowly but surely. With her vast experience and knowledge, she knows how the body and voice works physically and psychologically which was a blessing and inspiration for me as a former science student to understand the science behind singing. Ultimately, she fueled my passion for singing and its appreciation. She is an optimist by nature but a realist when she has to, informing me the challenges of the industry and the truths that I needed to hear which simply makes me desire to work harder and yet still hopeful. Till today I recall her encouraging words whenever I need to pick myself up.'

Singing is communication, technique is the tool to do it effectively and I can help you find your true voice (Patricia)